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(Palm Springs, CA) Story by Lisa Ellison 7.25.2023

The Supersonic Hug

The Supersonic Hug authors continue to give to their fans…, and they are loving it.

The children’s book series authors and YouTube show hosts duo are putting out youth-inspiring content as fast as they are creating it.

The Supersonic Hug team in the past month has released 5 new short-form episodes (approximately 4 to 5-minutes each) on YouTube of their new book series, in addition to finishing writing and illustrating their next book – The Supersonic Hug Begins In Mexico.

The team is now excited to announce they just released their first full show of The Supersonic Hug Begins In The USA available on YouTube. The show is a full reading of their first book and is free to all viewers. It can be found on YouTube Channel: Storytime With Mimi & Grandpa DiGrandi.

“We are very pleased with our current book sales and have received positive feedback from viewers that they like following along with their book as we read to them,” Co-creator of The Supersonic Hug brand, Christine commented.

Her business partner and husband Ron continue to collaborate on ways to reach a mass audience with their positive programming. The team decided to release a full show for free to everyone to inspire viewers to get their book and enjoy an interactive experience of watching the show and following along reading the book with their kids.

The Supersonic Hug children’s book series all-in-one storybook and coloring book can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in e-book, paperback, and hard cover.


The Supersonic Hug children’s book series and YouTube Channel: Storytime With Mimi & Grandpa DiGrandi – introduces ‘the greatest hug in the world,’ The Supersonic Hug.

Our book series will be a minimum of 50 books beautifully illustrated in high resolution colors, with fun-filled stories. Each book introduces childhood characters that discover this awesome new hug and share it with family and friends all around the world, bringing joy and laughter to everyone.

Our YouTube Channel: Storytime With Mimi & Grandpa DiGrandi will be approximately 5-minute episodes of reading pages from each The Supersonic Hug book series. Each book will be split into 5 episodes.

Thank you for joining us as we begin this exciting adventure bringing the Supersonic Hug from country to country, as can only be seen through the eyes of children. Plus, each book will contain some words and phrases translated into one of the country’s native languages that the hug is introduced to, which will encourage children to learn other languages.

Now let’s get started with bringing the Supersonic Hug to the world beginning in the USA, then going to Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Africa, the Philippines and many more countries.

Go to, Amazon or Barnes & Noble today to order your book, or series of books.

Go to YouTube channel: Storytime With Mimi & grandpa DiGrandi to subscribe to their episodes.

Go to YouTube Channel: Storytime With Mimi & Grandpa DiGrandi to watch episodes of each book.

In addition, each book also includes a coloring book, giving you The Supersonic Hug story book and coloring book all-in-one book.

Go to to download your FREE Supersonic Hug Superhero, and for more info. We look forward to having you along on our exciting journey.