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Would it surprise you to learn that The Supersonic Hug book series helps defuse anxiety and builds confidence in children?

The Supersonic Hug book series is a fictional series of uplifting stories based around the greatest hug ever created. The foundation of the stories will have the special fun-filled hug start in the U.S.A., and then as shown through the interactions of children, travel to Mexico, France, Italy, Spain and more.

The book series is designed with colorful illustrations and creative story-telling to ignite the imagination, creativity and language education of young children targeted to ages/grades pre-K through third grade.

The book series will be a minimum of 50-books designed as both story books and coloring books. In addition, after book #1, each book following will have some words and phrases translated from English, to one of the main languages of the country the story is traveling in. For example, in book #2, when the story travels from the U.S.A. to Mexico, the words ‘Supersonic Hug’, and other words will have a side-by-side translation from English to Spanish that looks like this: (Supersonic hug / Abrazo Supersónico).

The coloring book portion of the Supersonic Hug book series will allow the child to further expand their imagination by trying to either match their coloring skills to the illustrations, or color anything and everyone any color they choose.

The all-in-one Supersonic Hug story book/coloring book is ready for your curriculum. Please contact the Author’s – Ron and Christine DiGrandi and [email protected] to get started.